Greetings From Your New HOA President!

Hello fellow neighbors of Glenshire Towne Community,

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself as your new President of the Glenshire Towne Home Owners’ Association Board of Directors (HOA). My name is Lisa Lavallee, your neighbor, previous "Board Member at Large" on the Glenshire Towne HOA Board of Directors for the 2019 year, and member of the Architectural Committee for 2018 and 2019. I became president of the Glenshire Towne HOA due to a vacancy on the Board. I volunteered and was appointed by the Board with a unanimous vote of the remaining Board members at the March 31, 2020, Annual Board Meeting. I would like to personally thank the previous president, Jason Clawson, for his 6 year term serving our community as well as Alan Starr who was our Treasurer. Let’s not forget our current Board members who volunteer their time amidst other responsibilities both professionally and personally.

I have called this community my home since 1997. I have the same pride in my home and neighborhood back then as I do today. The neighbors are what have made Glenshire Towne "home." Originally from New England, I served my country for 13 years in the United States Navy which brought me to Maryland. Then, I pursued my career in the medical field. Both positions have granted me leadership positions which I believe will assist me in this new position. Although this role as president is new to me, I believe that I possess the motivation, enthusiasm, "can-do" attitude, and skills to do the job. I kindly ask my fellow neighbors to please be patient with me as I go through this learning curve. I strive in this role to represent all 200+ homeowners in maintaining and improving our community's value, safety, and design. My current priority is to make sure residents are receiving their HOA dues properly and on time, fix the garbage can/recycle issue, and resolve any safety issues impacting the community including, for example, tree care.

Finally, I want to make everyone aware that the Glenshire Towne HOA Board of Directors has decided by a mutual agreement between parties to leave G&S Association Services, LLC, which was "financial only" to full-service property management for the betterment of our community. We have chosen Tidewater Property Management, Inc. for this service. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a three month turnover from G&S to Tidewater. June 1, 2020, Tidewater will officially begin serving our community. Moving to a full-service management company has made the need to increase our annual assessment income fees from $640.00 per year to $660.54 per year. This is a $20.54 per year increase. Although we never like to raise fees, we felt it was imperative for the community to have a greater support system going forward.

You will receive your usual assessment fees from G&S in April. Please let me know if you do not receive them. In June, you will receive a welcome letter from Tidewater. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected] Beginning in June, Tidewater will be taking calls from residents.

Your opinions and thoughts count and matter. I look forward to meeting you whether in passing in the neighborhood or at a Board meeting! All our welcome!

Thank you! Stay safe & well!

Lisa Lavallee


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Nestled between Guilford Road, fenced-in government property (FCC) and I-95, Glenshire Towne is a small community with 224 townhouses on four cul-de-sacs. Due to this layout, there is absolutely no through traffic. The community is proud of its wonderful trees and the generous green open spaces. The townhouses are two and three story units with or without basements. The closeness to Interstate 95 and Route 32 provides easy access for commuters to Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. The MARC commuter train station of Savage is also only a few miles away. Children attend Howard County Schools; Guilford Elementary School, Lake Elkhorn Middle School, and Hammond High School.

HOA Board of Director meetings are held on the upper floor of Wegman's in Columbia. Dates are posted on this website's calendar.

Howard County maintains most our community roads. Check their snow response progress using the Howard County Road Conditions application.