Application for Exterior Alteration

Warning: Exterior alterations commenced without prior approval of the ACC are in violation of the covenants and are at the applicants own risk.

Description of change requested: *
Instructions: Give purpose and full details of proposed change. If any painting is required, include paint manufacturer and part number with description of paint color. Non approved colors require color sample submission. All structural changes require a plot plan with a scaled drawing of the proposed alteration or addition. Applications lacking full details of proposed exterior alteration will not be processed until all details are submitted to the Glenshire Towne HOA.  You must select ACC committee as recipient or your request will not be processed.

1. Prior to starting to build, building permits should be obtained from Howard County. Further, nothing herein contained shall be construed as a waiver of modification of any said County restrictions.

2. Applications usually take 30 days for review. A copy of the application action will be returned to you after acted upon by the ACC and the Board of Directors.

3. When requested by ACC the applicant must contact the ACC upon completion of proposed change for verification of compliance. Work as expressed herein must be completed within 12 months of approval. Extenuating circumstances regarding completion should be brought to the attention of the ACC.